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Item.No.: 22-01AB-0001

The Aerobox 2 is a recirculating aerosystem with integrated biofilter. Eight High pressure spray nozzles produce fine nutrient fog with dropletsize of ~65 μm. Hereby the roots are growing more roothair increasing rootsurface significantly. Plants react with excelerated growthspeed which fascinates every grower. Due to improved nutrient intake compared to hydroponics systems, less fertilizer is needed and no additional waste is produced.
Thanks to the integrated Biofilter the nutrient solution in the AB2 stays stable and clean over a long period of time.

Package includes:

Circulation pump (HYDOR Centrifugal Pump Pico 1000), high-pressure pump (M.R.S. Whisper PowerPump Small), tub, lid, biofilter, seal, double filter, hoses, nozzles, net pots, plant discs.

Possible equipment: up to 16 plants.

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Do I need an interval timer?

Since the AeroBox is operated at intervals, a time control that is as accurate as possible to the second is required. We offer Tech Grow's Interval Timer as an option, which is perfect for the AeroBox. A purchase is of course not necessary if you already have a suitable timer.

no timer

+ 0,00 €

Tech Grow Interval Timer

129 €


+ 50,00 €


External dimensions:86 x 86 x 52 cm
Water volume:100 liters
Nozzle size:0.61mm
Droplet size:~ 65 µm
High-pressure pump:24 W (effective consumption: 0.4 Wh*) - max. 8.3 bar - 60 l/h
Circulation pump:7 W (continuous operation) - 1000 l/h

*based on an interval operation of 15 seconds ON / 15 minutes OFF


To operate the AeroBox an intermittent power supply is needed. Watering phases of more than one minute are ineffective and can damage the pump. Its recommended to time the pump to the second with the secondintervalltimer available in our KKOnlineshop.


Item.No.: 22-01AB-0001

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